Meet Lindsey

I have created True Food Wellness as a way to share my passion for health and nutrition.

I've struggled with my weight, self-image and eating habits. I know what you are going through.

I also have the knowledge. My bachelor's degree is in Nutrition. I know the facts, I know the formulas. I know the right foods to eat, yet my choices don't always reflect this.

I've had a love hate relationship with food, as many people do.

But I've learned that there is so much more to health.

There is a psychological piece, a physical piece, a spiritual piece, a relational piece, and an addiction piece.

I was trying to address it with the formula alone. 

As a Certified Health Coach I believe that all aspects of our lives influence our health. 

Will-power alone is not the answer. Deprivation will lead to failure. 

We need to respect our body and listen to what it needs.

I also believe we should use natural resources we have been given. I am a huge advocate for essential oils. My husband and I have changed the way we address our health with these oils. 

With confidence in the purity of the Essential Oils that I use, they are included in my everyday routine to assist my body in doing what it needs to do at its optimal level!

I am passionate about helping you discover your healthiest you, find freedom from diets and learn to truly enjoy food and its nourishing qualities.

This is what excites me!

We're onto something beautiful.


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What is a Holistic Health Coach? 

We live in a culture inundated with fad diets, constant updates on the latest super food, and access to the best health and nutrition research out there.

Yet we are becoming an ever increasing obese population with preventable diseases skyrocketing everyday. This doesn't add up.

This is where health coaches come in.

We have recognized that there is a gap between having the knowledge and implementing the lifestyle. And we are here to help you make the changes necessary to achieve your best health.

If you feel stuck with your weight loss goals. You feel like you have tried every diet out there. You are fatigued and struggling to complete everyday tasks wondering if this is what life is really supposed to be like.

It is time for you to realize you are capable of living so much more. You are capable of reaching your weight loss goals, of enjoying healthy foods without constantly feeling deprived.

You are capable of living an energized, vibrant life!