Essential Oils for Baby

Congratulations on your new little miracle! If you're anything like me, you're wanting to make the 'right' decision for baby in every way possible! And I have complete confidence that you will do your absolute best...cause that's all we can do, right. 

When it comes to products to use for baby I know it's hard to find safe options that aren't loaded with chemical junk. And this is such an important time to make sure you are supporting their immune system as much as you can. 

The beauty is that essential oils can provide a safe and effective option for supporting your new baby, preparing them for all that the world is going to throw their way!

To start I want to remind you that essential oils are incredibly powerful and a little goes a long ways! Always dilute the essential oils when using them with babies and children, and the 'less is more' philosophy is key. Essential oils are very potent and babies are tiny beings so they don't need much. Plus, their skin is very sensitive so we want to be sure to use gentle oils with them.

Lavender: This is an incredibly gentle oil to use for baby. It can help with soothing baby and promote restful sleep. Lavender is also excellent for keeping skin healthy, especially the bum! Check below for a DIY Diaper Cream recipe!

Breastfeeding: Fennel can help with increasing milk supply. And on the flip side, Peppermint helps decrease supply when you're ready to cut back.

Frankincense: aids in bonding experience. A religious practice for many cultures. Can be calming for baby after the intense experience of entering a new world! A drop on baby's crown and down the spine. Frankincense can also be used on a daily basis for baby to help balance all body systems. 

Myrrh is know to be the "Mother Oil", it can help to increase the bonding between mother and baby. Add a drop to your 'perfume' spots, behind ears, wrists, neck, and let baby benefit from the scent when you're close.

Roman Chamomile: Diffuse in baby's room for tummy discomfort.

Digestive Discomfort: A drop of Digestive Blend or Fennel with FCO on baby's tummy can help bring relief. Or a blend of Lavender and Wild Orange diluted and rubbed on belly clockwise.

Dry Skin: Frankincnese and/or Lavender with FCO and applied to area of need. 

DIY dc recipe.jpg


If you want know the only essential oil brand I'll use, especially during pregnancy, contact me and I'd be happy to share! P.s...congrats on the pregnancy! *These recommendations are only for high quality EO. I always urge the 'less is more' theory when it comes to essential oil use, but even more with pregnancy. 1 drop goes a long ways! And diluting with a carrier oil is a major plus. 

Ready to get started with essential oils for you and your family? Get started here!

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For further information on health and essential oils during pregnancy, I recommend the book Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth & Babies by Stephanie Fritz, LM, CPM.


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