Have you ever had a friend who takes and takes and takes from you? It's exhausting and draining to spend time with her. You love her and care for her but her neediness has become a burden. You feel drained and stressed because she demands so much from you.

That is what fructose does to the liver. It is a needy burden. Glucose is a giver, its utilized by nearly every cell in the body. Only about 20% of it is broken down in the liver. But not fructose. You see, when you consume fructose it is up to your liver alone to metabolize it. And when you consume excess amounts of fructose, it becomes quite the burden. 

This causes a cascade of negative effects. 

When you eat more fructose your body has to use more energy to break it down. Its just like that needy friend of yours, you need more energy to be around them than you do most people. You run out of energy and lose your ability to respond in your friendly and compassionate manner.

When your liver uses more energy, the energy source (ATP) is used up and produces uric acid as a waste product. You may have heard of uric acid in relation to gout. But a lesser known side effect is increased blood pressure. 

And after spending too much time with that needy friend, it is all too common to ease that burden with emotional eating. Breaking your diet rules and diving into that Ben & Jerry's is the common response, completely ruining any hope for reaching your weight loss goals this week.

After the fructose is broken down there isn't much use for it, so its turned into fat (alas! fat doesn't create fat, sugar does!). But not just any fat. It's stored as visceral fat. The fat that surrounds the organs, increasing those inches around the waist. Why is visceral fat so bad? It results in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Sounds scary, right. Cause it is!

This friend is fun! No burden with her. Friends for 30 years... I'm thinking she's a keeper. 

This friend is fun! No burden with her. Friends for 30 years... I'm thinking she's a keeper. 

And consuming fructose through beverages like soda or fruit juices speeds up this process making it all too easy to pack on the pounds. 

Moral of the story, fructose and needy friends are detrimental to your health and cause you to pack on the fat!

It would be wise to create some healthy boundaries with both. I'm not saying cut them out forever. Take a break, build some boundaries, and find a way to have a healthy relationship with both, limiting the burden on your health!

Also, choose friends and foods that energize you. You'll feel much better.

Fun fact: about 10% of ethanol (grain alcohol) is metabolized by the liver, this is what gives you the tipsy effects.