Day 1 of Sugar Free Living

Day 1

Its day 1 of week 1. This is the week I will ease into becoming sugar free. I've debated going cold turkey, and have decided easing into it will be a gentler approach.

I've done cold turkey in the past, it lasted about 2 weeks. The issue with cutting everything out all at once is it creates an all or nothing mentality. So if some sugar slips into a meal or snack, I panic and think I've failed completely.

And then I give up.

Easing into it seems a bit gentler to me. 

This means I'm cutting out the refined white stuff, but allowing some fruits and honey. 

This morning included:

Sugar is everywhere! Its the one drug.png
  • Brown rice cakes with goat cheese, apple slices and hemp seeds sprinkled on top. Delish!
  • French Press coffee with a splash of coconut cream. (This is interesting. I actually like black coffee so I'll probably save this as a treat with a little stevia when I'm craving a mocha.)
  • And water of course. Lots and lots of water!

My Thoughts

The reality is, I'm nervous. I've tried this in the past with only short term success, so there is a part of me that is nervous to let you down. 

And I'm nervous to let myself down. I'm nervous that I won't be able to quit the sugar. I'm nervous I won't experience the fog free life I so desire.

You see, sugar has been shown to have similar neurological effects as other more common addictive drugs. New research is showing sugar is more addictive than cocaine. 

Those food companies know what they are doing when they add sugar to their foods. Dang they are smart!

Sugar is everywhere! Its the one drug that is socially accepted. Its beyond socially accepted. Its the social norm The reality is, you are the strange one if you go off of it. 

But I've always considered myself a bit strange. So here's a Sugar Free toast to kicking this ugly white stuff!