Essential Oil Uses

a new approach this holiday season

This holiday season I want you to throw away the diets and the rules. Throw away the judgment and the shame.

The holidays are stressful enough without all of the pressure and expectations we put on ourselves to lose weight during this season.

Let's take a different approach. Let's take an intentional approach. Take a moment before you eat. Say a prayer or give thanks.

Pause and think about where this food came from. The energy and work that went into growing this food, preparing this food, and bringing it to your plate. Then take a few deep breaths, try doing ten. Close your eyes and slowly breathe in, then breathe out.

This will do a few things for you.

It will allow you to relax, which helps ease the digestive system allowing it to breakdown the food efficiently and utilize the nutrients appropriately.

It will also ease stress and help prevent emotional overeating. Lastly it will help you to enjoy the food that you are eating. Let your brain acknowledge the combination of tastes, and experience the flavors.

Food is meant to be enjoyed, but so often we eat without paying attention to the food. Before you know it the plate is clean and you can't recall what it tasted like. 

The holidays are a time to get together with the ones we love, to celebrate and give thanks. Food brings us together around the table. It unites us.

Let yourself partake in that. Let go of the self judgement. Let go of the shame. Instead, enjoy this time. Enjoy the people. Enjoy the food. 

If you need additional help through this season, here are some great options for using essential oils:

Cinnamon: to satisfy that sweet craving

Fennel & Ginger: for digestive support

Lavender: to help ground you during stressful moments

Grapefruit: to support a healthy metabolism as well as lift the mood


Happy Holidays!