Announcement and Confessions

For any of you who have followed me in the past, I apologize for the sudden silence. It wasn't planned, but I hope you will understand that it was necessary, for both of us. 

You see I've got a big announcement to make: 

I'm pregnant!

23 weeks and counting. (I'm working on my selfie skills!)

23 weeks and counting. (I'm working on my selfie skills!)

Of course, the hubs and I are thrilled.

But, well, shortly after I found out I was hit with some major nausea. I know it's nothing new. Nausea comes with the territory. But I did NOT handle it well! And the thought of writing about food was a major no go.

It wasn't happening.

Partly because all food was a trigger, partly because I had no energy whatsoever...and...

Confession time...

Part of it was because I was eating complete crap. I threw all healthy eating guidelines completely out the window and went with whatever wasn't completely repulsive that day. Sometimes it was almonds. Sometimes it was orange flavored jello. And a lot of the time it was really bland simple carbohydrates like bread and bagels and other simple sugar foods.

And vegetables were completely off limits. I wanted nothing to do with them!

My guilt was through the roof. Every time I thought about sitting down and writing something to you I couldn't do it because I knew I couldn't write about eating healthy when I wasn't following any of my recommendations. 

But I've learned that with pregnancy comes a whole new set of guidelines, and sometimes those guidelines include giving yourself a little break and eating whatever you can handle at that moment. 

I learned to let go of the guilt, and that was one of the best things I could have done. 

Because pregnancy is a whole different ballgame. For any of you who have been pregnant, you know what I'm talking about. And for any of you going through it now, here's my advice: be easy on yourself. Try to do your best, but know that sometimes your best will be Orange flavored Jello and a plain bagel...full of empty carbs and yellow food dye #5. 

The truth is this is, a lesson for all of us at any stage of life. 

This whole healthy living thing can get pretty darn overwhelming, and overloading yourself with guilt because of a late night bowl of ice cream or finishing off the bag of chips all by yourself doesn't do anyone any good. 

Take a breath. Remind yourself a 'perfect diet' doesn't exist. And move on. 

And if you're pregnant, remember there's basically a parasite growing in your body for the next 9 months, taking everything from you and dictating what you eat! It's fun. But I hear it's all worth it. It sure is a miracle.

So now that I'm feeling better I can't wait to get back into it with you guys. I hope you've been able to stick with your healthy living journey, and I hope you continue moving forward with me. I've got another reason to live healthy, I've got a baby to grow...and I need as much support as I can get! 

We're all in this together.

Oh by the way...our miracle is due to arrive Christmas Day!