I ate sugar!

I didn't just eat sugar. I completely binged on sugar. I gorged myself on every possible sugar item I could find. 


Cookies, ice cream, donuts, cake, candy. I ate the whole smorgasbord. And boy was it a smorgasbord. 

But wait, I'm confused. Why were all those treats in my kitchen? Right in front of me? Endless options to choose from? Somethings off here.

Oh duh, it was a dream!

Funny isn't it, how real dreams can feel. I woke up overwhelmed with guilt. I truly thought I overindulged in all that sugary junk. 

What a relief it was to realize it didn't actually happen. I have stayed strong since day one.

But more fascinating is what caused that dream. It seems that my subconscious is trying to sabotage my efforts. 

If it can't overindulge in reality, then it will make it happen in dream land. 

Whatever the reason, it is a good reminder that quitting sugar is not just about willpower. I need to address its affects on all levels. Physical, mental, emotional and psychological. 

And its another confirmation that I am on to something here, heading in the right direction.