4 tools you need to beat your cravings

I had a weak point last night. I almost caved. 

You know that feeling, when something inside you feels like its clawing to get out. 

I think it may have been caused by anxiety. I don't know enough about anxiety to know for sure. But that's what I'll call it for now. 

And the one thing that would have stopped that clawing was a major food binge. To make matters worse, I was at the grocery store with endless options of sugary treats to choose from. 

But I stayed strong. I took a few deep breaths and remembered I have options. 

I have a few tools to use when this happens. 

The first one is my oils. I don't know what I would do without my oils. 

My metabolic essential oil blend has been a God-send for overall cravings and appetite control. I put a few drops in my water throughout the day as a preemptive measure.

Cinnamon bark essential oil is another go to. Its delicious! Its like a little sweet treat all by itself. And its definitely needed during this time of re-calibration. I put a drop on my tongue when I need something sweet. 

And for the unsettling, clawing feeling, my grounding blend is the perfect balancing support I need. I take a few deep breaths and inhale from the bottle. If extra measure is needed, I rub a drop on my wrists, behind my ears and on the back of my neck. 

My other tool is a yoga pose I learned from the Yoga Rebel, Tara Stiles. In her book "Make Your Own Rules Diet" she gives us a pose that can be used for this exact purpose. 

Sit crossed legged and hold your arms up (like you're doing the "Y" for the YMCA dance). Set a timer for a few minutes and close your eyes. 

Its tough. My arms get so tired and I just want to give up. But I don't, not until that timer goes off. This practice teaches me that holding my arms up like this won't kill me. My arms aren't going to fall off. And I can handle it just fine. 

This pose builds resilience. It puts me in touch with my inner strength and shows me how to have direct contact with it. 

So during my cravings or when anxiety builds up, I pull out my oils. Then, if I'm able, I practice this pose.

If I'm not able to do the pose, I remind myself of the process. I remind myself of that inner strength I contain. That this craving won't break me. It's not too much for me to handle.

I left the grocery store with with my lettuce, avocado and onions. And with a tad more confidence. I faced the craving and I conquered it. So bring it on!