21 days + a smoothie a day

it's as simple as that!

A huge philosophy of mine is to focus on adding in the good stuff! Smoothies are a great way to up those daily nutrients so you feel strong, healthy and energized.

No magic pills. No fasting. No gimmicks.

Create healthy habits, using real food to get you feeling your best.

We're starting Monday July 24th. And did I say it's FREE?

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- What's Included -

+ Delicious & easy recipes

+ Easy prep guide

+ Membership to the True Food Women's Wellness group (support + inspiration + information + loads of amazing women!)

+ Drawings for FREE stuff

+ Amazing health benefits!!!!


This is not a magic weight loss scheme. It's not a diet. For 21 days you'll add a healthy, nutrient packed smoothie to your day. You can continue on with your regular day to day life, or you can make other health changes to boost the benefits, it's up to you.

This one simple step will make a big difference. You'll gain energy, have less cravings, lighten the toxic load, and feel refreshed. 

Oh yeah, and it's FREE!