Hey, I'm Lindsey!

Welcome to True Food Wellness!

I'm a Health Coach, Entrepreneur, Essential Oil Enthusiast, Wife and Mom.

Are you looking to improve your health and create a life that is full of energy and joy? A life that is full of meaning and financially rewarding, too? 

That's exactly what I want for you...and exactly what I want to help you create.

Let me show you how!

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Essential Oils

Essential Oils have changed my life and are changing the lives of others every single day. 

If you're completely new to essential oils or want to learn more about incorporating them into your life, I've got loads of resources for you!


Build a Business you LOVE!

If you're ready to create a career that uses your passions, changes people's lives, and gives you the time and financial freedom you desire to live the life of your dreams, then it's time we chat!

This isn't a get rich quick path...and it's certainly not for everyone. 

It's an opportunity for you to be your own boss, set your own schedule, create your own income, and work with who you want to work with. 


True Food Living

There are so many aspects to living a 'healthy' life. And it sure can be overwhelming trying to navigate through all of the new and emerging health information that is out there. 

The truth is, some of it is gold...information that is truly transformational for your health. And some of it is complete junk. 

I'm putting together the most important aspects for you to focus on so that you can experience lasting results and avoid the fads that waste your time, money and energy.




it's eating foods that truly nourish your body

It's living with inspiration & PASSION

it's creating a career that fulfills you

it's pursuing healthy relationships that build you up

it's doing activity that energizes you

It's Physical- Mental - Emotional - SPIRITUAL